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  • What should be in a Project Charter ?

       The framework for a project charter should be based on the project management knowledge areas. Although the formality and depth of developing a project charter will most likely depend on the size and complexity of the project, the fundamental project management and product-development processes and areas should be addressed and included for all projects…

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  • Overview of GitHub Part 1

    Git is the free and open-source distributed version control system that’s responsible for everything GitHub related that happens locally on your computer. Installation & GUIS GitHub for Windows GitHub for Mac GitHub for All Platforms Setup Configuring user information used across all local repositories Set a name that is identifiable for credit…

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  • Steps for Monitoring and Controlling The Organization Goals and Strategies in Project Portfolio Process

    Project Management Office should follow the following Steps for Monitoring and Controlling The Organization Goals and Strategies in Project Portfolio Process. (1) Stabilize a Project Council. (2) Identify Project Categories and Criteria.  (i) Derivative Projects.  (ii) Platform Projects.  (iii) Break-through Projects.  (iv) R & D Projects. (3) Collect project data. (4) Access Resource Availability. (5)…

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  • Project Proposal

    The set of document submitted for the evaluation of the project is called Project Proposal. Whether it is a brief or extensive and regardless of the formality with with which it is presented. All the proposal should begin with short summary statement called as executive summary covering fundamental nature of proposal using minimal technical language.…

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  • Steps in developing schedule for projects

    (1) Create a list of Activities  List of activities can be made by breaking down the work package of work breakdown structure into activities. (2) Define the Sequence of Activities Identify the dependency between the activities to understand whether that activities can be done parallel or they must be done in sequence. (3) Estimate the…

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  • Stages of Team Development and Growth

    (1) Forming (2) Storming (3) Norming (4) Performing (5) Adjourning

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