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  • clEan COde: FUNctiONS/Methods

    clEan COde: FUNctiONS/Methods

    Scenario A family is having dinner the father ask the daughter to “psWb” the daughter does as said then the mother asked the children to “fnFdFst” and also if they have “cmpltdHw” the children didnt respond. Did you get what was the conversation ? If yes (your are not human please get a checkup 😜)…

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  • cleAn CoDE  – vAAriaBles

    cleAn CoDE – vAAriaBles

    “Any fool can write code that a computer can understand. Good programmers write code that humans can understand.” Martin Fowler And one from me “With bad coders come’s a great mess” me Enough of quote game let’s Start Try reading the following code snippet Did you get what’s happening here ? (Comment down) Didnt get…

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  • cleAn CoDE

    cleAn CoDE

    thIs series will maJourLy Focus on How TO WRite CLEAn cod e . CleaNN coed in Terms oF how Will we Write ClEAn code Which IS LanguagE IndePENDENT . DiSClamRE: This blog SHows hOw Do we Write CLEAN Code i.E wHAT PrinCiples we Follow To Make OUr Coed Clean And EasY TO UnDERstand. Also ThiS…

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