Chandan Rajpurohit

An Artist With Technical Skills

  • How to Secure Yourself from Malware ?

    1) Install Antivirus. 2) Update Security Software. 3) Avoid Malicious Websites. 4) Ignore Unknown Emails. 5) Keep Difficult Password. 6) Firewall.

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  • Fuzzy Logic

    Classical Logic or Boolean Logic. In Digital binary system based on classical logic we normally work with ‘1’ or ‘0’. How human define the limit in Classical Logic ? In Classical Boolean Logic depends on designer how to select the limits. Lofti Zadeh, Father of Fuzzy Logic (1965). Fuzzy Logic is determined as a set […]

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  • How to Create Virtual Environment in Anaconda ?

    Create Virtual Environment conda create –name VirtualEnvironmentName package Activate Virtual Environment activate VirtualEnvironmentName Deactivate Virtual Environment deactivate

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  • Hadoop Installation

    java -version sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install default-jdk sudo addgroup hadoop sudo adduser –ingroup hadoop hadoopuser sudo adduser hadoopuser sudo sudo apt-get install openssh-server su – hadoopuser ssh -keygen -t rsa -P “” cat $HOME/.ssh/>>$HOME/.ssh/authorized_keys ssh localhost exit cd/home/Desktop sudo tar -xzvf hadoop-2.9.0.tar.gz ls sudo mv hadoop-2.9.0 /usr/local/hadoop sudo chown -R hadoopuser /usr/local sudo […]

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  • Laravel Common Command

    1} Turn on server php artisan serve 2} Create a Laravel data table php artisan make:migration create_demos_table –create=demos 3} Migrating Data php artisan migrate 4} Create Controller php artisan make:Controller DemoController 5} Create a model php artisan make:model Demo 6} Create a bridge between the quick build model and JSON return data php artisan make:resource […]

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  • Top CSS Framework for 2020

    BootstrapFoundationMaterializeBulmaUI KitSemantic UISkeleton

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