Gen AI is evolving daily, and big tech giants like Microsoft [OpenAI], Amazon, and Google are in a race to build the best AI solution for users and customers. To stay ahead in the race Google launched Vertex AI – a platform that provides everything to build Gen AI solutions.

vertex ai

By everything what do I and Google mean?

Businesses and developers would be able to use 100s of foundation models, fine-tune models with business data, and use various AI Solutions. The key features of Vertex AI involve

  • Generative AI models and tools
  • Open and integrated AI platform
  • MLOps for predictive and generative AI
  • Search and Conversation
  • AI solutions

The above feature will help businesses to improve customer experience and automate various business problems.

vertex ai dashboard

Google Vertex AI provides tools like

  • Colab Enterprise
  • Model Garden
  • Generative AI Studio and many more…

What’s fascinating about the above tools is you don’t need much knowledge about ML, Deep Learning, or Artificial Intelligence. Anyone with a tech background will be able to adapt and use it with ease.

I’ll plan for a detailed tutorial on the above tools at

Generative AI Studio – In detail

generative ai studio

Generative AI Studio provides a user interface that lets us customize generative AI models so that we can use them for business applications. In Generative AI Studio you will be able to use various Google’s Language, Vision, and Speech with chat interface.

In this studio, you can create your own prompt or use a ton of sample prompts for chat, summarization, classification, extraction, writing, and ideation that are provided by Google. You can not only prompt the large language models like text-bison, chat-bison, etc but can also fine-tune them by giving business data to improve response.

We will discuss Colab Enterprise, Model Garden, and Model Development and Deployment.

Train yourself on Vertex AI: Qwik platform – Vertex AI: Qwik Start | Google Cloud Skills Boost

Know more –

New customers get $300 in free credits to spend on Vertex AI. 

So what are you waiting for go and try it today. Do let me know your experience with it in the comment section.

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