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MetaMask is the most popular crypto wallet to store crypto-currency and NFTs.

The account that is created on MetaMask has the default Ethereum Mainnet network configured. So to configure Polygon Mainnet we will need to do additional setup.

Let’s see how we can add Polygon Network to the MetaMask wallet.

We can add a polygon network by selecting the network “Ethereum Mainnet”. Once the pop-up opens click on “Add network”.


Clicking on “Add network” will show all the possible networks that you can add automatically also an option is provided to add a network manually which we will learn in upcoming blogs.

Now click on “Add” which is next to “Polygon Mainnet“.

Add a network

Review the Polygon Mainnet network details and “Approve”.

Approve Polygon network

Congratulations 🥳 you have successfully added a Polygon network and now you can switch between networks.

MetaMask - Network added

Polygon was previously known as Matic Network. Hence the currency you will see in your MetaMask wallet would be MATIC.


Polygon is getting more popular day by day.

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