Chandan Rajpurohit

An Artist With Technical Skills

NFC stands for Near Field Communication, which is a wireless communication technology that allows devices to exchange data when they are brought into close proximity (usually within a few centimeters) of each other. NFC is often used for contactless payments, where you can simply tap your phone or credit card on a payment terminal to make a transaction.

NFC operates on the same frequency band as RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology, but NFC offers more advanced features such as two-way communication and the ability to read and write data. NFC is also more secure than RFID, as it uses encryption to protect data and prevent unauthorized access.

NFC technology is widely used in mobile phones, where it can be used to make payments, exchange contact information, and trigger actions such as opening a website or launching an app. It is also used in other applications such as access control, public transport ticketing, and smart home automation.

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