Version control is software that allows you to manage changes to files over time. We can use version control tools to version code, binary files, and digital assets

Version control helps for following

  1. Track what is modified and by when.
  2. Compare changes overtime.
  3. Revert to an earlier version of development.
  4. Allows collaboration.

Without Version control we will face following challenges

  1. Inconsistent code
  2. Clutter after development
  3. Longer integration time
  4. No track of code changes
  5. Lost code

Few of Version control systems

GIT – Git (
Apache Subversion – Apache Subversion
Microsoft TFS – TFS is Azure DevOps Server – Azure DevOps | Microsoft Docs
Mercurial – Mercurial SCM (
Concurrent Versions System – Concurrent Versions System – Wikipedia

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