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Amazon is almost leading everywhere.

Low-code & no-code will be the future of mobile application development. As both are based on the principles of automatic code generation.

Low-code development platforms and no-code development platforms are based on the principles of model-driven design, automatic code generation, and visual programming.

Amazon Honeycode Beta

Amazon Honeycode gives us the power to build apps for managing our team’s work. Also, Amazon mention that no programming required to work with Honeycode.

What are the advantages of using Honeycode

  • As businesses are changing a way faster than what was expected, we can adapt our custom app built with Honeycode. Any updates made to our app or its data are instantly shared to the customer.
  • We can configure our app so that each team member sees only the data they need to see and nothing more.
  • We can build our app for web browsers and mobile devices so our customer can use app from anywhere.
  • etc…

We can easily integrate Honeycode with popular SaaS applications, AWS services, and other tools by using Zapier or Amazon AppFlow.

Creating a New Application in React Native – Chandan Rajpurohit

More about Honeycode – Build a Better Way to Work | Amazon Honeycode

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