Chandan Rajpurohit

An Artist With Technical Skills

If you take a minute to stop in your fast-paced life and think what are you doing? You will be amazed that you will not have a definite answer.

Happiness eludes most of us. Considering the struggles and hard works you do to get that happiness have you ever thought, why aren’t you Happy?

Can we get eternal happiness? Well, that is the question for scholars, But we can achieve a sense that will not cause any major tension or uneasy.


Right from the day, we develop an understanding of the world, we tend to get more and more of everything around us. It’s like the tale of a demon that can not get satisfied by the same kind of food twice. So, he starts to try a new chef every day and destroy all around to get fulfilled. But there are numerous things that he can eat what will he do once everything has been eaten.

It’s simple one doesn’t need to outdo every deed performed. Everyone faces struggle and life without a struggle will be dull but that doesn’t mean you can not be fully satisfied with what you have.

Lose your fears and live this life.


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