Facing Interviews/viva are very tense situations in student life. Mostly we are uncertain about What will be asked? How to prepare for it?

Vivas are the most natural way of testing one’s knowledge and confidence over a limited period of time.  We actually cover up the whole syllabus within hours, while we wait for our turn.

One common thing is asking previous attendees What question was asked to you? And finding the answer to it. 

Today, I am going to tell you about How to prepare for a viva? And most likely asked questions for NLP.

How to prepare for a viva?

As viva consists of an entire syllabus and limited set of time there is no certain way to know what to prepare? We usually prepare for viva while waiting for our turn. It will suit you better if you prepare beforehand. 

A simple way to prepare is:

Get a gist of the subject.

Get to know every topic and module included.

Have an idea about reference books and text books available for the subject.

Divide a topic into definition,features,advantages and disadvantages, and what is different in it?

While answering questions keep your calm and answer questions with confidence. If it is group viva, don’t interrupt in between and wait for your turn. Be attentive to what is being asked and how it was answered?

Also, keep a good knowledge of the project you prepare.

There are only 3-5 questions on average and if you keep your mind open most questions are repeated. You can easily pass it.

Most likely asked question For NLP:

  1. How can machines make meaning of language?
  2. What is NLP?
  3. What is parsing?
  4. Where can NLP be used? / Importance of NLP
  5. Where can NER be used?
  6. Popular libraries used for NLP
  7. Stages of NLP
  8. What is lemmatization?
  9. What are stop words?
  10. What is an n-gram model?
  11. What is text generation?
  12. What is language modelling?
  13. Applications of NLP
  14. Challenges of NLP
  15. Pragmatic analysis
  16. Different types of ambiguity
  17.  What is wordnet?
  18. What is morpheme?
  19. Steps for sentiment analysis
  20. FST

Above mentioned questions are some of the most asked questions for NLP viva.

Be ready!

Happy learning 🙂

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