thIs series will maJourLy Focus on How TO WRite CLEAn cod e .

CleaNN coed in Terms oF how Will we Write ClEAn code Which IS LanguagE IndePENDENT .

DiSClamRE: This blog SHows hOw Do we Write CLEAN Code i.E wHAT PrinCiples we Follow To Make OUr

Coed Clean And EasY TO UnDERstand.

Also ThiS SerieS is InSpireD By The bOOOK:

Clean Code

-Robert cecil martin

Ok so Lets Start

WHAt Is clEAN Coed ?

!!!clEan Code RefeRs To Code Which Is Clean!!!!
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Ok but on serIous NoTe ClEAn Code RefERS To Code WHICH Is

  1. Well Formatted (Unlike THIS Post)
  2. Must BE EASIly ReadIABLE
  3. Must BE EasiLY UnDERStanDABLE
  4. With LESS Or No speLLING MISkates.
  5. Etc (COZ i Dont RemeMBEr More Points)

Why to clean code ?

Still here, Cool 😎

If you are still here after reading all the above mess ,you might already know why writing clean code is important. After going through above sections if you found the info difficult to read then that’s probably it is most of our code right now. A code full of mess ,incorrect spellings, mixed casing, and difficult to read.

Now think of a scenario where we have developed an application a year ago and for some reason we need to revisit the source code for some change/updates, and the code looks like the above paras .How difficult will it be for us to travel through the code containing potholes, destroyed lands and our past regrets Enginee…..!!!, Ah Never mind Just kidding 😂

Ya so clean code is important it helps us to

  • Stop wasting our time to understand the whole code again to change/update that one silly feature.
  • The person who is our teammate/contributor of your project can understand code easily and start working quickly .rather than hustling to understand what have we written.
  • Sum(above) it saves our time.
  • Clean code carries less bugs.
  • Changes can be quickly integrated/updated in the project.
  • It gives you a sense of achievement (Its not) 😅.
  • Finally it simplifies the process of the software developments.

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