Dedicated Servers vs Cloud Servers

FeaturesDedicated ServersCloud Servers
Cost FactorFor dedicated server, we have to pay for a specific range. Here we require expert knowledge and high level resources to manage our server, which is very expensive, and the small firms can not afford to have a dedicated server. If we use a dedicated server for that we require a team specially to handle and manage the server.Cloud server is the most cost-efficient service. Here, you only pay for space and resources which we are using. All the expert knowledge of server working is handled by the provider itself. We do not require any separate team to manage the server
ManagementIn the dedicated server, the owner has full control over the server and it can manage the server according to its need. Though for the maintenance and management of the dedicated server we need the complete knowledge of the server itself, here we have the full control of the server.The cloud server is managed; the server provides the customer does not have any control over the Server. Managing a cloud server is way harder than managing a Dedicated server, unlike the single dedicated server, in the cloud server, we deal with hundreds of virtual servers.
ReliableIn a dedicated server, we deal with a single server, so if there is some failure in the system, it can collapse the complete server and data too, which can bring down the server.In the cloud, multiple servers hold your webpage instances, so even if a server collapses or gets down, the instance of your web page is handled by another server. These multiple servers make cloud computing more reliable.
The main reason for using the dedicated server is security, to attack a dedicated server could be a tough call for a hacker because it’s very hard to breach the security of this server.Cloud server also provides security, but a head to head comparison with the dedicated server, its loss. It does not mean that anyone can attack the cloud server, cloud servers are highly secure too but not that much as dedicated.
As in a dedicated server, the customer has full control over his server, so here he or she can customize the server according to the need.Cloud does not provide that much control to its customer, so a cloud user can not customize the server.
Integration of ToolsIn a dedicated server, if you want to integrate server with some utility-based tools, you can have to pay more as compared to the cloud server.Cloud provided you with multiple utilities within less cost.
ScalabilityWe cannot change the configuration in a dedicated server because we have dedicated hardware in use.Cloud servers are highly scalable, according to your need, you can change anything such as resources and space.
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