Do you ever noticed

When your Internet Service Provider (ISP) provides you internet connection. It comes as 10 Mbps or 30 Mbps.


When you download any file from Internet it is 15.64 MBps

But Why ?

So first let us understand what is Megabit (Mb) and Megabyte (MB)

Megabit (Mb)

Mbps is used to specify Internet Speed

Megabyte (MB)

MBps is used for file size

8 bits = 1 byte

16 Mbps x 8 = 2 MBps

2 MBps x 8 = 16 Mbps

i.e 30 Mbps/8 = 3.75 MBps

Basically, If subscribing to 30 Mbps plan, maximum download speed will be 3.75 MBps.

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