Chandan Rajpurohit

An Artist With Technical Skills

Sr. noParameterBlock VolumeLocal NVMeFile Storage
1TypeNVMe SSD based block storageNVMe SSD based temporary storageNFSv3 compatible file storage
3StructureBlock level structureBlock level structureHierarchical
4DurabilityDurable(multiple copies in an AD)Non-persistent survives rebootsDurable(multiple copies in an AD)
5CapacityPetabytes +Terabyte +Exabyte +
6Unit Size50 GB to 32 TB/vol 32 vols/instance51.2 TB, 6.4 – 25.6 TB for VMUpto 8 Exabyte
7Use casesDatabases, VMFS, NTFS, boot and data disks for instancesOLTP, NoSQL, Data WarehousingOracle apps (EBS), HPC, General purpose file system

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