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While Installing OpenStack using Devtsack the following error may occur./ fails at devstack@etcd.service.

This Error is mainly occur with the system which are connected to the DHCP Network.

Due to the DHCP Network the IP Address is dynamically allocated to your system.

If ./ script didn’t executed in one shot and if your IP Address change then you will always get above error and you won’t understand want to do next.

Some people will remove OpenStack from the system and reinstall OpenStack. Which is not the Optimal Method.

So follow the below solution to fix above Error.

Firstly check your IP Address.

Command: – ifconfig

Now replace your Host IP with the IP you got using above command in local.conf file.

Hopefully your Error must have been Fixed.Any Other Problem or Issues Please Mention them in Comment Section.

Thank You,

Chandan Rajpurohit.

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