Create Virtual Machine in Virtual Box using following YouTube Video.

Note :- Replace the Ubuntu’s iso file with XenServer’s iso file .

Once the XenServer’s Virtual Machine is Created Follow the Below Given Steps .
Step 1 :- Select the keymap you are familiar with and click Ok.
Step 2 :- Click Ok on Welcome to XenServer Stepup window.
Step 3 :- Read End User License Agreement & Click Accept Eula Button.
Step 4 :- If your System’s Hardware Virtualization is not Enabled or Available you will see the following window but you can simply click on Ok button as it doesn’t effect your XenServer’s performance.

Step 5 :- Select the Virtual Machine Storage and Click Ok.

Step 6 :- Verify Installation Source and Click Ok.

Step 7 :- Next Installation of Supplemental Packs. You can select Yes or No as per your Requirement.

Step 8 :- Once the Supplemental Packs are added the System will again ask you Verify Installation Source.

Step 9 :- Verifying Installation Source process will start as shown below.

Step 10 : – After Successful Completion the below Verification Successful window will open the Click Ok.

Step 11 :- Once the Verification is Successful you will be asked to Set Password for your root account of XenServer.

Step 12 :- Networking Configuration. Configure it as per your Requirement.

Step 13 : – Hostname and DNS Configuration. Configure it as per your Requirement.

Step 14 :- After the Networking, Hostname and DNS Configuration. Select your geographical area for  Time Zone.

Step 15 :- Select city for Time Zone.

Step 16 :- Configure your NTP servers. You can directly configure it with your DHCP server.

Step 17 :- Finally Install XenServer.

Step 18 :- Installing Process of XenServer.

Step 19 :- Insert your Supplemental Pack. If you don’t want to add it now you can skip it.

Step 20 :- Installation Completed.

Congratulation your XenServer is Installed. Now Reboot your System.

XenServer Configuration Window will start. You can make any required changes form this Configuration Window.

If any Errors or Issues in XenServer Installation Mention them in the Comment Section.
Thank You,
Chandan Rajpurohit.

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