Brief Details about Persona

Persona is the model of intended user of a product ideally based on real research.
Persona help us to provide the precise way of thinking and represent how user behave how user think what basically the what to accomplish and why they what to do so. It is also help as to determine communicate and build measures and contribute the design measures and views.
Persona creation is done in designing phase of project development.
We can create Persona by interacting with the different type/kind of user using Q & A Sessions.

Steps in Constructing Personas
(1) Identify behavioral variables.
(2) Map Interview subject to behavioral variables.
(3) Identify behavioral patterns.
(4) Synthesize characteristics and relevant goals.
(5) Check for redundancy and completeness.
(6) Expand description of attributes and behaviors.
(7) Designate persona types. 

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