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Questions No 1

Tell Me About Yourself.

Start with your Name
Give your Place Information
Education in Short
Job Experience (if any)
Family Details in Short.
Make sure you tell something which is special about you & not written in your CV/Resume.

Question No 2
What are your Strengths ?
Now in this question everyone may have different Strengths but you can give following if you are bit confuse or don’t have much idea about your Strengths.
Hard Working
Flexible (in terms of work)
Fast Decision Maker (after the analysis of all facts)
Self Motivated.
You can always Add or Subtract from this but make sure you are ready with an incident with each & every strength you mention to HR.
Question No 3
What are your Weaknesses ?

This Question work same as The Question Regarding your Strengths but make sure you give them your Weaknesses which looks like your Strengths to them.The Weaknesses like below :

More Talkative
Trust people very quickly
I can’t say no when someone asks for help
Take decision very quickly.
Question No 4
What are your Career Goals ?

Short Term Goal
Short Term Goal can be as simple as to get the job in required company where you can use your skills & can improve your future.

Long Term Goal
Long Term Goal can be working happily at the respectable position in the organization/company.
Question No 5
Why should I hire you ?

One of the Most Important Question of Interview.
Share your knowledge
Work Experience
Skills related to Job
Career Goals.
Question No 6
What are your Salary Requirements ?

Never share your salary requirements as a fresher
Experience candidate can share their expected salary
Always say yes as per the company norms for the job.

Question No 7
Finally, Do you have any questions for us ?
Express Thanks
Salary Structure
Job Timing & Location (if not mentioned earlier)
Important Note :- Always use the words like we, us, together, altogether, etc… which shows that you want to become one of the organization.

The flow & sequence of Questions can change according to HR but The Question given above are most common & frequently asked questions.

Thanks for Reading & All The Best for your Interview.
Chandan Rajpurohit

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