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Words are from The Book A Manifesto for Change A Sequel to India 2020 by A.P.J. Abdul Kalam and V. Ponraj

A Vision manifesto for parliament members could be similar to the one given below:

1] Make use of question hour, zero hour, adjournment motions effectively to represent the issues of the people of my constituency, matters of urgent public importance and bring out the socio-economic and political issues concerning the people whom I represent.
2] Work towards maintaining parliamentary democracy by peaceful decision making and avoid disrupting parliament for frivolous reasons.
3] Undertake research about my constituency based on the development indicators with the help of an academic institution and use the development radar and monitor the progress of my constituency. Work with the central and state governments in enacting policies and programmes to improve the following:

(a) Uplift the people living below poverty line (30 per cent to 50 per cent improvement)
(b) Double the per capita income through employment generation programmes
(c) Reduce the IMR and MMR rates
(d) Improve life expectancy by bringing in quality healthcare services reachable to all
(e) Work with government, NGOs, educational institutions to improve the literacy rate to 100 per cent
(f) Work with the HRD, social justice and empowerment and other relevant ministries to bring affordable formal education access to all
(g) Enhance the number of youth possessing top flight techno-managerial skills to 50 per cent of the productive youth force
(h) Provide entrepreneurship training to potential young entrepreneurs
(i) Ensure the availability of safe drinking water through a programme of desilting of ponds, lakes and tanks and connect these with the rivers with the help of the state government and the people
(j) Identify the societal conflicts and issues and help resolve them through building consensus and creating awareness among the people
(k) Work for establishing clean, green industries through public and private partnership
(l) Help develop the core competence of the people of my constituency
(m) Work for establishing at least twelve PURA clusters in my constituency for bringing sustainable development
(n) Work for making the constituency a carbon-neutral and pollution-free constituency and encourage usage of bio-degradable items for consumer market
(o) Ultimately work for enriching the quality of life of the people

4] Promote the socialistic, secular ideals of the party and follow the path of developmental politics.
5] Work towards formulating inclusive economic and political policies for sustained growth of the nation.
6] Work towards introducing the necessary constitutional amendment bills for removing the social ills of the society which hold us back from becoming a knowledge society.
7] Identify all the challenges in the existing laws of the land which need to be modified or reformed to empower Indians to be competitive globally.
8] Set an example for inspiring the people and the youth to follow our principles, ideals and our way of life and attract the youth to come forward to contribute using their expertise for national development. By excelling in every action continuously and winning the confidence future leaders.
9] Vow to always keep the nation bigger than the individual, party and organization.

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