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Classical Logic or Boolean Logic.

In Digital binary system based on classical logic we normally work with ‘1’ or ‘0’.
How human define the limit in Classical Logic ?
In Classical Boolean Logic depends on designer how to select the limits.
Lofti Zadeh, Father of Fuzzy Logic (1965).
Fuzzy Logic is determined as a set of mathematical principles for knowledge representation based on degrees of membership rather than on crisp membership of classical binary logic.

Fuzzy Logic
Fuzzy Logic is multi-valued compared with the Boolean Logic which accepts only two values.

Membership Function
(1) Triangular
(2) Trapezoidal
(3) Singleton
(4) Sigmoid
(5) Gaussian

A Fuzzy System can be divided in
(1) Fuzzyfication
(2) Fuzzy Rules
(3) Inference Engine
(4) Defuzzyfication

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